Leaking Fluid

Leaking Fluid


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Symptom: Transmission leaks fluid

You notice red or reddish brown fluid under your car. Transmission leaks can come from several areas of the transmission; gaskets, cracked transmission cases, loose or detached cooler lines, cracked torque converters, etc. Leaks may only occur when hot, while driving, or even when cold.


Possible Cause:

Transmission leaks may lead to serious damage if ignored. Leaks can develop under various conditions. Metal exapansion due to heat can cause a leak. Or a brittle gasket may seal once it is warm and coated with fluid. Always check the fluid level and quality before long trips. Normally, transmission fluid should be pink and nor have a sulfer, or burnt, smell. Call our service manager at (425) 235-0101 to get extra trouble shooting help.

  • A cracked torque converter or converter seal
  • Loose or detached oil cooler lines
  • Old or cracked pan gasket
  • Fluid vents from filler tube
  • Cracked transmission case
  • Linkage grommets or external seals are old