Transmission Repair

Renton Transmission is a full service transmission repair shop. We offer competitive pricing and superior customer service.

Automatic Transmission Repair
Today’s automatic transmissions is the most advanced component of your vehicle. All late model vehicles are computer controlled to improve shift timing and fuel efficiency. And that’s why it is important to find a service mechanic who understands advanced computer controlled diagnostics and repairs.

Manual Transmission Repair Many times a manual transmission can be fixed with minor adjustments or repairs. If your clutch needs replacement, Renton Transmission can repair your vehicle.

Preventative Maintenance
Regular transmission fluid replacement and service will often prevent major problems down the road. Renton Transmission will place you on a regular service program so you can rest assured.

Wholesale Relationships
Renton Transmission supplies rebuilt transmission units for wholesale accounts. We will provide complete removal and reinstallation as well as quick turnaround bench jobs. Our wholesale transmission rebuild service also includes prebuilt units ready to ship off-the-shelf. If you are a general automotive repair shop, car dealership or a do-it-yourself home mechanic give us a call and learn about our wholesale relationships.

Fleet Service
Our fleet department is equipped to offer timely repairs and regularly scheduled maintenance. We service commercial fleets as well as government and utility vehicles.