About Us

Over the past 35 years we have witnessed a revolution in technology. Advances in electronicRenton-guys and computer sophistication have touched almost every area of our lives. And technology improvements have been especially important in automotive transmissions.

However, improved gas mileage and powertrain performance is achieved through greater complexity. Thus, our technicians need to be educated in electronic diagnostics and automotive computer systems as well as fundamental hydraulics and mechanics.

We understand that a transmission overhaul can be one of the most expensive repairs you can make to your automobile. So it is important that you receive a quality repair job. And it’s important that you are reassured by our commitment and our warranty.

After a complete overhaul of your transmission our staff will work with you to develop a consistent preventative maintenance program. Our goal is to keep your car running at peak performance and avoid costly repairs.

As our customer you will benefit from our knowledge and experience. And you will receive reliable repairs that you can count on.

Call us at (425) 235-0101 to speak to our Service Manager during regular hours of operation.

We look forward to serving you –

Pete Jancola,
Renton Transmission